The certainty of investing in “bricks and mortar” coupled with achievable profitable returns, and the difficulty in traditional financing of real estate has led to a fruitful cooperation between Switzerland and the Netherlands, which formed the sound basis for establishing SwissNed.

It seems to be normal nowadays for interest rates in Switzerland to be zero, or even negative. Meanwhile, the construction industry is booming in The Netherlands, since here is a considerable housing shortage.

SwissNed is involved in the development of various real estate projects in The Netherlands. Given the large midsection housing shortage, redevelopment of commercial real estate into residential areas is currently very topical.

SwissNed allows Swiss and Dutch investors to benefit from profitable returns. These days, local governments work closely with developers in order to be able to meet the demand. Our experience and networks ensure that we are able to select the best and most profitable projects.

SwissNed can be used to invest in such projects, by combining knowledge, security through mortgages, and a healthy return on investment. Often a net return of 5% p.a. can be realised.

If you would like to know more, please send us an email or call Guido or Axel. Perhaps this will result in a sound investment for you.