The certainty of investing in “bricks and mortar” coupled with achievable profitable returns, and the difficulty in traditional financing of real estate has led to a fruitful cooperation between Switzerland and the Netherlands, which formed the sound basis for establishing SwissNed.

SwissNed is a boutique real estate company that differs by their flexible and – if necessary – creative approach, when buying, selling or negotiating real estate transactions.

We do not build large real estate portfolio’s, but assist with often difficult transactions when standard solutions are not an option. We finance the purchase of real estate often with our own resources without the need for a bank loan, so we can act swift and effective.

SwissNed allows Swiss and Dutch investors to benefit from profitable returns.

SwissNed can be used to invest in such projects, by combining knowledge, security through mortgages, and a healthy return on investment. Often a net return of 5% p.a. can be realized.

Our experience and network give us an advantage when selecting the right projects.

If you would like to know more, please send us an email or call Guido or Axel. Perhaps this will result in a sound investment for you.